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Fabrication Introduction and Capabilities
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Progressive Plastics fabricate a wide range of pipe fittings to the plumbing, drainage, civil construction and HVAC markets nationally.

We hold in stock a wide range of stormwater, sewer and pressure fittings and adaptors or we will fabricate special fittings to order. Our bends are usually blown or formed, however we can also fabricate fittings which are welded and/or glassed. Our fittings range from stormwater grade right up to pressure grade.

Our fittings are supplied to most of the leading New Zealand plumbing supply groups.

A catalogue of our current range of fabricated products
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To order any of our standard PVC fittings, please use our “Fitting Builder” to help you select the correct fitting for your application. When you complete this it will send us an email with your exact requirements and we can provide you with a detailed quote.



Progressive Plastics fabricate ducting, pipe work and fittings for HVAC applications including systems designed for corrosive and hazardous applications. Projects to date have included swimming pools, science laboratories as well as internal and external building ventilation systems.


With our own team making tools and moulds to suit customer’s requirements, we can manufacture vacuumed formed products from PVC, ABS, PET and Acrylic plastics.

Examples of products manufactured by us include;

   Pest control trap housing

   Security camera domes

   Coolstore recessed handles

   Paving stone moulds

   Pipe end caps

   Interior linings and mouldings

   Food trays


If it’s plastic, we can build it. Our team is experienced at working through a concept with a customer to a final product, or fabricating it from the customer’s own drawings and specifications.

We fabricate using PE, PP PVC, Acylic and ABS plastics. Examples of our work include;

   PE tanks and liners for
     industrial applications

   Marine equipment including floats,
     pontoons and buoys

   Motorhome tanks and fittings

   Plastic liners for aircraft storage bays

   Display cabinets

   Electrical and electronic cabinets
     and housings

   Pipeline flanges and accessories

   Plastic guttering including bends
     and odd connections

   Rain headers

   Fume cupboards

   Bio Filters


We have an experienced crew that can undertake fabrication and repairs on site throughout New Zealand. We use extrusion welders for PE, PVC and PP work.

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